We put Food Service Directors in the driver seat for a successful school program!

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The Solution

Our solution is so easy to use, it pushes your spreadsheet system to the side.  You get a quick and accurate high level or detailed program view.  Created with input from actual food service directors, our solution incorporates all your complex tasks; invoices, servings, reimbursements, and communication with your business office.  The solution supports food service leadership.

This is not a Point Of Sale solution, this is a tool for the director or manager, giving visibility to the inner details of the food service program.

The solution incorporates all areas of the business. You will have the ability to track key aspects your district's food service program and lead using current information. Imagine having a complete picture of your program.

  • Reimbursement claims (NSLP, CACFP, SFSP)
  • Invoices, where you spend money
  • Revenues such as catering or vending.
  • Generate a P&L, by district or school, in seconds using up to date information.
  • Budget projections calculated based on your numbers and adjustable for your anticipated expense changes.

Visualize the ablility to drill down on specific areas with tabular and graphical views.

  • Daily sales, claims and reimbursements
  • Student participation, labor hours, invoice's, and percentages for meals and revenue.
  • Graphs are available in 7 different layouts
  • Meals served by number and sales
  • Invoices broken downs
  • Comparisons over several years

We continue to refined the system making sure you have what you need, a simple to use, and effective tool.  Up until now, only management companies had this ability.

Why Our Solution Works

  • The solution takes a complex concept and simplifies the tasks to provide useful information.
  • Meals served at each location is the core of the revenue and reimbursement figures.
  • Purchases for each location is key to the expense side.
  • Account codes are defined by the district.
  • Categories are assigned to account codes allowing detailed analasys of trends.
  • Reports, graphs, and spreadsheets are generated based on user defined criteria.
  • Invoice line items are assigned your defined classifications.
  • Generate spreadsheets by calssification to detail expendatures.
  • Manage your program by school or district wide.